Women's draft squads now available

Ladies. The selection committee has spent the last 4 weeks working hard on ensuring everyone has been allocated to the correct team. Managing over 150 people is a difficult process, and we appreciate that not everything may be 100%. Please be assured that over the next 4-6 weeks we will be working along side your coaches to ensure if anyone should be moving up, or down that, this will be highlighted, and movement will happen. Due to moving an entire team to SOAKS (which we hope will continue as the two clubs have a long standing relationship), we have created more space in the squads, which will in turn makes teams more fluid than in previous years.

If anyone has any specific issues or concerns, please either speak to your coach or myself and we can address appropriately. Many thanks again for all your hard work with attending trials and scratcheys! Good luck this season! Mel

View the squads here (last updated 29.3.14 2.27pm).