Award winners

Last week was a big week for the club with the UWA Sports Awards on Thursday night and the Olympians/Charlesworth Awards on Friday night. Congratulations to our award winners and runner ups

Suzanne Tiverios UWA Coach of the year

Rowan Wilson UWA Club Letters

Julie Waddell UWA Club Letters

Tom Wickham Olympian's medalist

Dan Beale Best U21 Player

Mickey Mihailou Charlesworth medal runner up

Chris Bauser Olympian's medal runner up




Role: Match day attendent

We are currently looking for a reliable individual to support the club as a match day attendant. The match day attendant is primarily responsible for ensuring that the grounds are appropriately set up for first grade matches, running the scoreboard and organising the BBQ (others will cook etc). Outside of match days there are some minor mid week duties that include ordering food for the BBQ and confirming the attendance of volunteers/ball-kids.

There are approximately 10 home games on a mixture of Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year. The role will be be about 6-7 hours when there is a double header and about 4 hours when only one of the men or women are playing. If 2 people want to share the role we would be happy to discuss that.

Preference will be given to interested UWA students. The club will compensate $$ for helping us out with this - anyone interested should contact the Vice President via the contacts page