STATE OUTDOOR REPRESENTATIVES – Congratulations to these players:

U18 Girls 2017 Bronze Medal

Sarah Foster 

U18 Boys 2017 Bronze Medal

Harry Golding and Christian Starkie

U15 GIRLS 2017

Gold Team Britney DeSilva (captain)  Christine Aitken  Black Team Paris Chisolm (captain) Imogen King, Mikala Swart 

U15 Boys 2017 Bronze Medal

Gold Team Cameron Pell, Cambell Geddes, James Hackett

U13 Girls 2017

Trinity Chisolm & Eloise Rosser

U16 Girls 2017

Britney DeSilva 

U16 Boys 2017

Cameron Pell, Cambell Geddes, James Hackett

U13 Girls 2016

Sarah Brick, Mikaela Swart, Lily Ball, Eloise Rosser, Lara Mountain (train on) 

U13 Boys 2016

Scott Caporn

U16 Girls 2016 Bronze Medal

Paris Caporn and Maddie DeSilva

U16 Boys 2016 Silver Medal 

Tim Greenwood. 

State Indoor Representatives 2017

Congratulations to the following players who played in successful teams at the National Indoor Championships in Wollongong in January 2017

Girls U18 Bronze Medal Maddie DeSilva

Boys U18 Ebrahim Adolphus, Dan Beach

Girls U15 Bronze Medal Ellie Stroud, Britney DeSilva