The UWA Hockey Club have a strong culture of encouraging, developing and supporting its umpires. Umpire training sessions are run at the start of each season for Year 9 and 10 first time umpires. These umpires complete their Community Umpiring Course with the club, through two training night sessions. Our junior umpires are then allocated to a junior team within our lower age groups to umpire their game each weekend on a Saturday morning.

Our first year umpires are supported by their trainers, an umpire mentor and ongoing feedback and training. At the end of the season each umpire is assessed and this completes their training, along with an online module set up by Hockey Australia. Our 1st year umpires are not paid in their training year but are paid per game in subsequent years.

For outstanding young umpires, there is the opportunity to develop further within the Hockey WA Umpiring Academy and some of our best young umpires have gone on to umpire at a state and national level. Our sport is dependent on quality umpiring and at UWA we take their development very seriously. If you are a Year 9 or 10 player who would like to join the UWA Umpiring Program in 2019, we will be calling for interest during your player assessment trials. Your Age Group Coordinator will provide you with details on how to do this.

Looking forward to a fantastic year with our new crop in 2019!

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